Lost Area Interview + Acoustic Special in Ottweiler 21.09.2013

<p>Interview by Noxminor Promotion with Jan and vDiva from Lost Area, conducted anywhere in Ottweiler on 21.09.2013. Also watch an acoustic special at the end of the video!</p>
<p>Online in written form as well on <a href="http://www.noxminor-promotion.de">http://www.noxminor-promotion.de</a>!</p>
<p>Interviewer: Maya</p>
<p>Camerawoman: Greeny</p>
<p>Video editing &amp; Translation: Greeny</p>
<p>Music: Lost Area/http://www.lostarea.com</p>
<p>Copyright by: Noxminor Promotion/ <a href="http://www.noxminor-promotion.de">http://www.noxminor-promotion.de</a></p>