Blind Guardian - Born In A Mourning Hall

<p>In fact it was close to a real fallout</p>
<p>everything's under control</p>
<p>the speaker said with a serious smile</p>
<p>behind his mask</p>
<p>he knew the truth</p>
<p>I'll bring a new age of better ways</p>
<p>the TV preacher said</p>
<p>just pay today</p>
<p>pay today</p>
<p>World's dressed in black</p>
<p>on earth's judgement day</p>
<p>and I?</p>
<p>I know it can't go on</p>
<p>forbidden signs increase</p>
<p>I'm sitting still at home</p>
<p>and watching</p>
<p>Born in a mourning hall</p>
<p>pale clouds feared the unborn child</p>
<p>then it grew up with growing plans</p>
<p>of suicide</p>
<p>born in a mourning hall</p>
<p>shadows left the fear inside</p>
<p>that Peter Pan will never reach</p>
<p>the other side</p>
<p>It's frightening</p>
<p>exciting to sit at home</p>
<p>and watch the burning fields</p>
<p>hypnotized by the TV snake</p>
<p>Obey and work hard</p>
<p>and feel no anger</p>
<p>just sympathy for the higher class</p>
<p>there's no chance in changing things</p>
<p>cause I am</p>
<p>born in a mourning hall</p>
<p>silent cries ran out</p>
<p>when the cradle breaks</p>
<p>broken dreams were unheared on</p>
<p>the other side</p>
<p>born in a mourning hall</p>
<p>shadows left the fear</p>
<p>in the new born child</p>
<p>that Peter Pan will never reach</p>
<p>the other side</p>
<p>And I'm a part of the machine</p>
<p>a puppet on the strings</p>
<p>a rebel, once</p>
<p>now I'm an old man</p>
<p>Oh, I know this can't go on</p>
<p>but the ghost called fear inside</p>
<p>lames my tongue, my nerves, my mind</p>
<p>eternal fall down</p>
<p>someone cut the strings off</p>
<p>I can't move</p>
<p>to get back courage</p>
<p>I've to face the truth</p>
<p>but not today</p>
<p>Born in a mourning hall</p>
<p>caught inside a web called life</p>
<p>the only way to get out soon</p>
<p>is suicide</p>
<p>born in a mourning hall</p>
<p>pale souls built a frozen world</p>
<p>infected brains</p>
<p>will never reach the other side</p>
<p>the other side</p>