SOPOR AETERNUS: "The Goat" (music video)

<p>From the album: "VOYAGER - The Jugglers of Jusa (Like a Corpse standing in Desperation - part 2)"</p>
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<p>Official SOPOR AETERNUS video-clip,</p>
<p>Created, directed &amp; edited by Anna-Varney Cantodea in 2005;</p>
<p>Filmed (on VHS) in 1992 - Camera: Marcus Stiglegger</p>
<p>Additional material filmed by AVC in 1998/2005.</p>
<p>Copyright: SOPOR AETERNUS / Anna-Varney Cantodea.</p>
<p>This video is available on DVD as part of the "Like a Corpse standing in Desperation"-BOX from the official SOPOR AETERNUS mailorder: <a href="">…ther-re-animated-/2004930</a></p>


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