<p>THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA - 2006 – 2016 ……. And the story goes on....</p>
<p>Thanks to all our friends and families who have supported us from the beginning.</p>
<p>Thanks to all the wonderful musicians who have played on one of our records or played live on stage with us.</p>
<p>Thanks to all the sound &amp; light engineers, studio and live technicians, stage-road-and tour managers, stagehands, crew members, backliners, merchandisers, drivers, roadies, helping hands and good souls behind the scenes.</p>
<p>Thanks to all the art designers, photographers, video makers, stylists and advisors for all the creative and inspiring work.</p>
<p>Thanks to all the labels, distributors, promoters and bookers who have worked with us over the years.</p>
<p>Thanks to all the DJs, journalists and media people who continue to play our music and write about us.</p>
<p>Thanks to all the great bands and artists we have shared a stage with in the past, for inspiration and friendship especially ASP, Adrian Hates (Diary Of Dreams), Bruno Kramm (Das Ich), Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien), Ronny Moorings (Clan Of Xymox), Michael Popp (Qntal), Torben Wendt (Diorama), Alexx Wesselsky (Eisbrecher), Carl Fornia (Mono Inc.), Der Graf (Unheilig) &amp; Wayne Hussey (The Mission).</p>
<p>Thanks to all the supporters and administrators of our fan communities.</p>
<p>And last but not least thanks to all our amazing fans and untiring shadow dancers all over the world. You’re the only reason we’re still on our way……</p>
<p>With all our love and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts</p>
<p>Michael Sele, Mac Vinzens, Andi Zuber</p>
<p>July 2016</p>
<p>(c) TBOG MUSIC</p>


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