Deutschland - The Rammstein Story - Documentary 2020

When Rammstein formed in the 90s, few people could have predicted that they were to become one of the biggest bands on the planet. With their unique blend of industrial metal, explosive stage shows, and a history of controversy behind them, Rammstein has certainly left their mark on the world and continue to grow.

From their debut album, Herzlied, released in 1995 to what some would consider as their first major tour with Korn, Limp Bizkit and Ice Cube in 1998, all the way to present-day to their latest self-titled record, Rammstein have become a globally infamous name

When the Berlin wall was denounced in 1989, Richard Z Kruspe moved to West Berlin to start a band called Orgasm Death Gimmick but shortly moved back to his hometown of Schwerin where he was to meet Till Lindemann, who was actually a drummer in a band called First Ass at the time. It wasn’t until later on that Kruspe would catch Lindemann singing at work and convince him to join a new project, a project that what would become the Rammstein we know today.

A mini-documentary series focusing on some of the most important bands of modern times. This is an educational series that explores the history of Rammstein.

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Till Lindemann is a hugely underrated style icon of the modern era on and off stage -…-era-on-and-off-stage.php

Rammstein Interview - ‘If you didn’t pay your rent you could sometimes end up in prison’ 1997 Paul H. Landers -…n-1997-Paul-H-Landers.php

RAMMSTEIN INTERVIEW…n-1997-Paul-H-Landers.php

Season 1 Episode 1 looks at the history of German band Rammstein in the first of an 8 part documentary series by We look at how Rammstein got so big, how Rammstein dominated the charts and the key to their success.

Narrated by Founder and Senior Editor of RawMusicTV, AC Speed.

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