Sopor Aeternus - SHAVE, If You Love Me

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<p>Wax the monkey, shave the bear</p>
<p>Jungle-creatures won't be fed in here</p>
<p>trim the hedges, cut the trees</p>
<p>then you'll know how affection feels</p>
<p>Shave the monkey, wax the bear</p>
<p>Such hairy creatures cannot stay in here</p>
<p>Trim the hedges, and trim the tree</p>
<p>who is there hiding in the shrubbery?!</p>
<p>Where there's a hole there is an ace</p>
<p>I will put a smile on your grumpy face</p>
<p>we're fifty something, well-aged wine</p>
<p>if you're wooden in your cask that's just fine.</p>
<p>I'll be your garland queen of Lace</p>
<p>the Sleeping Beauty in our maze</p>
<p>oh, fifty something well aged win</p>
<p>me, the wooden cask, that's fine</p>
<p>I know you like me to watch you piss</p>
<p>you're only waiting to be kissed</p>
<p>you're such a beauty to behold</p>
<p>here comes a shower and it's made of gold</p>
<p>I'm a flower, water me</p>
<p>let's build a castle by the sea!</p>
<p>You're like the sun-shine, morning breeze</p>
<p>the sun shines warm on your disease ... -</p>
<p>such pollen makes the black birds sneeze.</p>
<p>Who is there sitting on your back?</p>
<p>There is no need for a sneak attack!</p>
<p>If you're monastic to my bliss.</p>
<p>Then I will be faithful ... like syphilis.</p>
<p>Poor friar dreaming in his cell(s)</p>
<p>he knows the art of tonsure well.</p>
<p>and all the songs a blade can sing</p>
<p>sugh is the Easter that I bring"</p>
<p>The bells are chiming in (y)our vaults,</p>
<p>I am the goddess that unfolds</p>
<p>iconic beauty, as yet unseen</p>
<p>if you're only courting</p>
<p>the Virgin Queen</p>


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