SOPOR AETERNUS: "A Strange Thing To Say" (music video)

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<p>Music video for the title track of the album "A Strange Thing To Say" by SOPOR AETERNUS &amp; The Ensemble Of Shadows, which is the 1st part of the trilogy "A TRIPTYCHON OF GHOSTS".</p>
<p>It was filmed (or rather "DV-ed") in the lovely ghost town of Bannack/MT (naturally by kind permission of the Montana FWP authority) and on the Carousel Of Missoula/MT (also by kind permission) ... - plus a handful of other places (all in the cold March of 2009).</p>
<p>Raven Digitalis was willingly abused as the human tripod through-out the shooting of this little gem.</p>
<p>Everything else was done by the fabulous AVC herself.</p>


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