SOPOR AETERNUS: It is safe to SLEEP alone (music video)

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<p>Bleak music(k) video for the song "It is safe to SLEEP alone", taken from the album "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GHOST?" by SOPOR AETERNUS &amp; The Ensemble Of Shadows.</p>
<p>The clip was filmed (or rather 'video-ed') in November 2009, January/November 2010 and February 2011. Edited in March 2011 by AVC.</p>
<p>The utterly BEAUTIFUL(!) original version of this song (simply entitled "Sleep") was written by Angelo Badalamenti (music) and Marianne Faithfull/Frank McGuiness (lyrics) and can be found on Marianne Faithfull's album "A Secret Life".</p>


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