Diary of Dreams - O'Brother Sleep

<p>I dont own any Copyrights of Diary of Dreams songs or the images presented on this video.</p>
<p>This was only made for the love of the songs...and hopefuly for someone else to enjoy them as i do.</p>
<p>Diary of Dreams - Freak Perfume(2002)</p>
<p>Track Listing:</p>
<p>1. TraumA</p>
<p>2. The Curse</p>
<p>3. O'Brother Sleep</p>
<p>4. Chrysalis</p>
<p>5. Traumtänzer</p>
<p>6. Rebellion</p>
<p>7. Bastard</p>
<p>8. Amok</p>
<p>9. She</p>
<p>11.Play God!</p>
<p>12.She and Her Darkness</p>